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How To Use Pepper Spray?

How To Use Pepper Spray?

Posted by Police Magnum on Nov 21st 2022

How to use your 

Flip Top Pepper spray Keychains? 

Flip Top Pepper Spray Keychains

Having pepper spray is a great non-lethal self defense tool, but being able to confidently use your spray is just as important!

The Police Magnum flip top pepper spray offers a number of benefits to help keep you safe and have peace of mind security. 

1) The flip top mechanism - This safety feature allows you to carry your spray in your pocket or on your keys without having to worry about accidentally pressing down and firing your pepper spray.

2) Ergonomic Hand Grip - The case is grooved to comfortably fit your hand for two main benefits; this give you more control when firing to maximize accuracy, and also having a solid grip on your spray will make it harder for an attacker to try and knock it out of your hand.

3) Compact & Lightweight - Designed to be small & discreet for everyday carry protection. Making it easy and convenient to carry with you walking alone in the evenings, at night or traveling to and from work. 

4) Police Grade Strength - Police Magnum pepper sprays are used and trusted by several law enforcement agencies and security personnel worldwide. Spray across the eyes and nose of the attacker to incapacitate them for a minimum of 30 minutes; with effects lasting longer and giving you plenty of time to get to safety!



Always remember to have your pepper spray on hand and ready to use! Many dangerous situations happen so quickly that it is important you are able to react quickly and respond be it is too late. A quick tip is always be aware of your surroundings any time of the day or night. Attacks can happen in public areas where you may think you are safe, always check behind you and pay attention to if you seeing anyone following you or looking suspicious. 

While we wish you never have to use your pepper spray, we cannot stop dangerous situations from occurring. In the event you have to use your spray, send us a copy of the police report and we will replace your spray free of charge.

Stay Safe,

The Police Magnum Team

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