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What is pepper spray?

Pepper spray is an aerosol spray that contains Oleoresin Capsicum, this is natural oil substance found in peppers. The same kind that is used in hot pepper sauces to add heat and spice to food dishes. 

When sprayed onto the face of an attacker for maximum effect, they will almost instantly feel the extreme burning sensation to the eyes and skin resulting in red skin and swollen shut eyes. When inhaled; the mist particles are more effective than gel as they cause rapid inflammation and swelling to the mucous membranes that causes temporary restricted breathing with short and gasping breaths. This non toxic and very effective self defense weapon will cause any threat/attacker no matter their size or under the influence to be incapacitated for up to 30 minutes to allow you time to get to safety.   


I See Some brands/sellers Claims of 21 up to 35 - 1 sec Bursts, is This True?

This is where someone is preying on the lack of knowledge of the buyer to get your hard earned money. If you are not familiar with defense sprays of course more sounds better, that is logical. What they do not want you to know or “THINK” about is, Half oz units contain a half oz of pepper spray, that is 14 grams. Now that you are thinking about it you know you are not going to stop someone with a couple of grams of pepper. Even a few grams of straight acid is not going to stop someone. It requires all or most of the can. If you read any police report where defense spray was used you will see the unit was sprayed until it was empty. You want to spray the canister across the attackers face until they are incapacitated and then run to safety.

Is it True These Small Units Shoot up to 15 Feet?

Once again, they prey on the innocence of the buyer. When you have less than one ounce who cares how far it goes. You must get a small stream of spray aligned with the center of an attacker or animals face before you deplete your 14 grams. Most likely the threat is moving or charging making this even harder to achieve. On your best day, you could not do this 15 feet away. If you actually need to use this product you will be in a panicked state reducing your abilities as much as 75%. Always keep threat out of arms reach and spray between 3-7 feet. Spray until it stops spraying and then run making as much noise as possible.

I Was Told Gels or Foams are Better to Use.

1st thing to remember about gels and foams is by the very nature of the product, it can take precious seconds longer to take effect.  The attacker can scrape it off and throw it back at you or if they get a hold of you rub it into your eyes deeply. This has happened to people defending themselves. Foams and Gels are specialized items and are best for indoor use where a crowd is located like a bar or club. They effect less of the overall ambient air in the room reducing the effects on bystanders that have in the past caused panic and people getting trampled to death trying to exit a facility not knowing why they could not breath.

Mace is Better Than Pepper Spray.

This is a myth, Mace is pepper spray, Mace is just a brand much like Band-aid or Kleenex. You can google it.

Should I Buy “Police Strength” Pepper Spray.

Many Police departments carry weaker versions of various brands of OC spray because they have been sued so many times. Yes, you can google that too. Other departments carry the same sprays you and I buy, there is no “special” Police, Military, or my personal favorite, Pharmaceutical strength pepper spray. These are marketing BS claims used because people believe them because they sound true. NYPD has carried super weak spray from a name brand for many years and have just upgraded back to a high heat level to reduce police shootings and they are already fearing the lawsuits.


Why pepper spray is good?

The main reason for this is that pepper spray is a NON LETHAL self defense weapon and does not cause any permanent effects. The maximum heat strength Police Magnum formula will stop any threat immediately for at least 30 minutes when sprayed in the eyes and nose, giving plenty of time for the victim to get to safety. 

A great benefit also is that pepper sprays are easy to use and you do not need to be trained to use them in the same way as handling a gun. Police Magnum pepper sprays offer a wide variety of different models to best fit your lifestyle. Mini pepper spray Keychains are ideal for discreet everyday carry and it you want something larger for your home or office; we have the largest pepper spray available with the 24oz fogger in the video clip below.

You can watch our how to use review clips here: