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Pepper Spray vs Gel

Pepper Spray vs Gel

Posted by Police Magnum on Jan 27th 2022

Overall both pepper spray and pepper gel are great NON-LETHAL options that you can carry with you or store as home defense security. These additional self defense tools allow you to react accordingly to dangerous scenarios that are not immediately life threatening. As well they can prevent potential life threatening situations created when a firearm is involved.

Here we are going to discuss the differences between the pepper spray and gel versions to highlight their differences and to help you make a well informed decision on which model is best for you and your family.


Pepper spray has been proven over time to be a highly effective & successful non-lethal self defense tool and is used by civilians, law enforcement agencies and security personnel worldwide. 

When sprayed across the eyes and nose for maximum stopping power, the threat quickly becomes incapacitated due to the eyes swelling shut and temporary respiratory effects.


  • Pepper spray is fairly inexpensive compared to other self defense tools.
  • Wind and weather can effect range occasionally cause blowback when deployed (recommended to hold your breath for 1-3 seconds and look away after firing and run to safety)
  • It is very effective and takes effect almost immediately.
  • A very small percentage of civilians are naturally resistant to the effects of pepper sprays or gels.
  • Comes in various sizes from EDC mini keychains to large canisters 
  • Pepper spray needs to be sprayed across the eyes and nose for maximum stopping power (A pepper spray fogger is a great option where you do not need to be pinpoint accurate in a panicked situation!)
  • Causes no permanent damage, after 30 minutes the effects will slowly start to subside. Which is more than enough time to get to safety.


  • Due to the thicker substance of gel this does allow it to disperse further than spray models.
  • Gel can be quickly wiped off from the attacker, minimizing the effects and can be even used against you
  • It will be less effected by wind and weather conditions and minimizes wind blowback
  • It is not absorbed as well into the eyes, nose and throat as unlike mist and sprays therefore minimizing effects.
  • More accuracy is required in comparison to a fogger pepper spray.


Credit: Active self Protection.


Finding the right pepper spray or gel for you should be based on fitting best to meet your lifestyle. For example, if you work at night shifts or need to walk alone regularly then a small keychain model that you can discreetly carry around in your pocket or purse may be best for you. Or if you want some extra apartment, home or office security without having to include lethal firearms than our large 24oz canisters may be just what you are looking for!


With online shopping being very quick and convenient without having to leave your house, you can shop our wide variety of models, sizes and colors here:  The Police Magnum Store

Thank you, stay safe.

Police Magnum Team 

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