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Pepper Spray Can Sizes?

Pepper Spray Can Sizes?

Posted by Police Magnum on Jun 7th 2022


Pepper Spray is a good method of self defense for a number of reasons from offering safety from a distance, non-lethal protection and a cheaper alternative to guns- Without a need of a license. 

Here is a comparison table showcasing some of our different models to help you decide which pepper spray is best for you. Although these models offer a wide range of protection styles to best fit your lifestyle; They all contain the same strength formula that is used and trusted by several law enforcement agencies and security personnel worldwide.

Click on the images below to find out more on your favorite pepper spray canister! 

Stay Safe,

The Police Magnum Team 

Model BenefitsHeightRangeSpray Pattern

Police Magnum- Mini Pepper Spray Keyring

1/2oz Twist Lock Keyring
  • Maximum Heat Strength
  • Pocket Size
  • Twist Lock Safety
  • BUILT-IN Keychain

3.25 Inches Tall10-12FTStream

Police Magnum- Belt Clip Pepper Spray Keychain

1/2oz Molded Belt Clip Keychain

  • Maximum Heat Strength
  • Keychain
  • Belt Clip
  • Twist Lock Safety
  • Hand Grip Grooves
3.5 Inches Tall10-12 FTStream

Police Magnum- Flip Top Pepper Spray Keychain

1/2oz Flip Top Keychain

  • Maximum Heat Strength
  • Keychain
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Compact Case
  • Flip Top Safety
3.75 Inches Tall10-12FTStream

Police Magnum- Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Clip

1/2oz Twist Lock Pink Pocket Clip

  • Maximum Heat Strength
  • Twist Lock Safety
  • Pocket Size
  • Pocket Clip 
3.25 Inches Tall10-12 FTStream

Police Magnum- Spin Top Pepper spray Keychain

1/2oz Spin Top Keychain

  • Maximum Heat Strength 
  • Easy To Use
  • Spin Lock Safety
  • Keychain 
  • Compact 
3.5 Inches Tall10-12 FTStream 

Police Magnum- 2oz Pepper Spray Canister

2oz Twist Lock 

  • Maximum Heat Strength
  • Twist Lock Safety
  • Portable 
4.78 Inches Tall14-16 FTStream

Police Magnum- 3oz Belt Clip Pepper Spray Fogger

3oz Flip Top Belt Clip Fogger

  • Maximum Heat Strength
  • TOUGH belt Clip
  • Twist Belt Clip (For Left & Right Hand Quick Access)
  • Flip Top Safety
  • Fogger Protection
  • 360 Valve design (Spray Upside down & any angle)
4.78 Inches Tall14-16 FTFog

Police Magnum- 4oz Pepper Spray Fogger

4oz Fire Master Fogger

  • Maximum Heat Strength
  • Safety Clip
  • Travel Size
  • Wide Fogger
  • Highly Aerosolized (Instant Effects) 
6.78 Inches Tall14-16 FTFog

Police Magnum- 24oz Large Pepper Spray Fogger

24oz Pistol Grip Fogger

  • Maximum Heat Strength
  • Large Canister
  • Grip Handle
  • Safety Pin
  • High Velocity
  • Home Defense
10.38 Inches Tall25 FTFog

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