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How Is pepper Spray Made?

How Is pepper Spray Made?

Posted by Police Magnum on Jul 11th 2022

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Pepper spray is made using oleoresin capsicum which is a natural oily resin that is found in a variety of peppers. This is where the term OC spray comes from. Police Magnum pepper spray is a highly effective and non-lethal form of self defense as it will incapacitate an attacker for a minimum of 30 minutes which allows you to get to safety with effects lasting even longer.

The strength of the formula causes a number of short term effects from coughing, burning of the skin and eyes swelling shut. This will temporarily stop any size attacker and even someone who is under the influence. You want to spray your attacker across the eyes and nose for maximum effect.

In a panicked situation a fogger pepper spray can be a smart option as the wide angle spray allows you to spray your target without being pinpoint accurate. Many attacks occur with multiple attackers so a large fogger pepper spray will be capable of taking down multiple threats at once! Check Out Our 24oz Fogger Here.

A number of studies have been made since the 1980's that have proven pepper spray to be an effective form of non-lethal self defense and Police Magnum pepper spray is trusted and used by several law enforcement agencies and security personnel worldwide. 

Credit to: OJP.GOV

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