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Best pepper spray for women?

Best pepper spray for women?

Posted by Police Magnum on Aug 25th 2022

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Everyone has the right to defend themselves, and you always want to be prepared as a dangerous situation can arise quickly. Police Magnum provides a range of pepper spray keychains for extra safety you can carry with you on your keys or in your purse and pocket. It is a good non lethal option to carry OC spray for extra protection with you but the important thing is you want to have quick access to be able to react, defend yourself and get to safety.

Here are some of our recommended small keychain pepper sprays for women to have for peace of mind protection.

Police Magnum Keychain Pepper Sprays

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Protection is everything when dangerous situations arise.
Our high quality USA manufactured pepper sprays and self defense products will give you the peace of mind and protection for you and your family.

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