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Are pepper spray guns legal?

Are pepper spray guns legal?

Posted by Police Magnum on Jan 12th 2022

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Are Pepper Spray Guns Legal? 

Straight to the point, yes pepper spray guns are legal with some restrictions with local districts. Please check your local laws and regulations before purchasing one. 

Pepper spray guns work like most over pepper sprays, however there is a very large and potentially dangerous reason why you should NOT get one. General pepper spray canisters are designed to protect yourself from dangerous threats by temporarily incapacitating them so you can run and get to safety. BUT, if you pull out a pepper spray gun as an attacker is coming towards you, all they will see in that moment is a gun being pointed towards them and if they have a gun they could try and shoot you! Therefore escalating the danger of the situation which is not what you want to do. 

This situation can turn ugly and potentially life threatening in a number of ways. Say you pull out your pepper spray gun to use on your attacker and you know they don't have a gun...well how about the bystander from across the street who see's you pull out what looks very much like a real gun and they are a concealed carry permit holder... Now they could pull their gun and shoot you for seeing you as the threat from their angle! 

The main goal of pepper spray is to help people defend themselves who may no be able to physically and prevent a dangerous situation from occurring. Please reconsider using a pepper spray gun as a self defense tool. 

At Police Magnum we offer a wide variety of pepper spray canisters from mini keychain models to large home defense cans and everything in between. 

3oz Flip Top Pepper Spray

Alternative: 3oz Belt Clip Pepper Spray Flip Top (Fogger)

Here is a great option for everyday carry protection instead. The 3oz flip top pepper spray model. This canister comes in sizes 2-5oz with either a stream spray pattern for maximum accuracy or a fogger (pictured right) that sprays a wide fog pattern so you do not have to be pinpoint accurate when firing in a panicked state. 

Many benefits come with using this model and here are some of the best:

1) 360 VALVE CAPABILITIES - This model can be sprayed upside down or at angle angle and still maintain powerful bursts towards your attacker. A great advantage to be able to spray your attacker in the eyes and nose whilst in a struggle upside down on the floor.

2) STRONG BELT CLIP - Made from a tough ABS material that will not break and fall off! Durable and reliable for everyday carry and offers peace of mind hands free protection for quick reaction. Used by several law enforcement agencies and security guard personnel worldwide.

3) NO MISFIRE RISK - The Flip Top cap is designed to prevent accidental misfire or leaks when carrying. To use you have to first lift up the flip top and then press down on the actuator underneath. So this model can be carried on your belt, in your pocket or in a bag without worrying if it is going to go off in there. 

4) PORTABLE SIZES - Comes in 2-5oz sizes, which offers a happy medium in terms of the size compared to all other pepper spray models on the market. These canister offer a lot more pepper spray to defend yourself with while still being small enough to be easily portable and hidden for personnel carry every day. This 3oz measures just under 5 inches in height. 

Please come and visit the rest of our store where you will be able to find the best pepper spray to fit your lifestyle. 

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Stay safe,

The Police Magnum Team