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3oz Flip Top Pepper Spray

$12.95 - $13.95
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Police Magnum, USA
Flip Top (Prevent's Accidental Discharge)
3 Ounce
4.78 inches
1.38 inches
14-16 ft
Spray Pattern:
Expiration Date:
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MAXIMUM HEAT STRENGTH - Police Magnum pepper spray contains police grade OC spray that is used and trusted by several law enforcement agencies. The quality formula allows for an impressive 4-year shelf life. 

PEACE OF MIND IS EVERYTHING – Not everyone can be around to protect their family all the time. Police Magnum is there to give your family and friends that protection. A blast of Police Magnum to the face of the attacker will stop anyone no matter the size in their tracks and they will be incapacitated for up to 30 minutes! Allowing your daughter, wife, husband to get to safety.   

FIRE POWER ON HAND – Police Magnum sprays are pressurized higher than most brands and the 3oz pepper spray will fire up to 16 ft with multiple blasts. In a real-life situation accuracy is key when panicking. Run if someone is further away, if the attacker gets close to you then turn and spray them straight in the eyes and nose for maximum stopping power. 

MAXIMUM VALUE – The competitive pricing of Police Magnum has driven this brand to the front line of the self-defense spray industry. Dollar for dollar you will not find a spray with the professional OC-17 for the same price. A small price to pay for the protection of your loved ones.  In order to offer you such low prices on a name brand product we buy direct from the factory in bulk, which means without retail store packaging. Should you require retail packaging, please contact us, we can arrange this for a slightly different price. We ship the items in a sealed bag. All items we sell are brand new.   

PERFECT CARRY SIZE – The 3oz flip top pepper spray is small enough still to carry anywhere on the go from in your pocket and bag to car and camping for everyday carry while still having the stopping power you need when unexpected dangerous situations arise. This canister makes an excellent small apartment and home defense pepper spray for extra security and peace of mind.

HOW TO USE - Unlike aerosol cans a partial press down on the actuator will not fire the can. Simply lift the flip top and press down on the actuator to release the power of Police Magnum. If downwind when deployed, close your eyes momentarily while you spray and 1-3 seconds after.


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